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Ski insurance for travellers with medical conditions up to age 75

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to is proud to provide ski insurance to those with existing medical conditions. 

Our single trip and annual ski insurance can cover all types of medical conditions, from asthma to diabetes, cancer, heart conditions and mental health problems.

  • Single trip ski insurance up to age 75

Single trip travel insurance policies can cover trips up to 94 days.

  • Annual travel insurance with ski cover up to age 75 (max. 24 days skiing)

Annual policies can cover an unlimited number of trips in one year, each trip must be not more than 31 days.  Cover is provided for a maximum of 24 days skiing within one year.

Ski insurance: Cover and benefits

Our ski insurance provides the important medical cover that you need when you are skiing, so that you don’t have to worry about expensive medical bills if you have an accident whilst you are on the piste.  It also provide additional cover for your ski equipment and piste closure.

  • 24 hour Medical Emergency Support
  • Medical Expenses & Repatriation up to €10 Million
    Including mountain recovery (air ambulance if necessary)
  • Ski Equipment up to €500
  • Ski Hire up to €250
  • Piste Closure up to €250

See our schedule of benefits for a full list of the cover and benefits provided by our ski insurance policies.

We recommend that you read our policy wording to see the full terms and conditions of our travel insurance policies.

Optional extras: Tailor your ski insurance policy